Tuesday, April 28, 2009

NYC DYCD financial report fiscal year 2008


The Left column: $69.20 Million Dollars is Discretionary funds (Political spending money)
in 2008 MCCNY HYS received less than $10,000 in Discretionary.

The Right column: $10.75 Million Dollars is RHY (Runaway and Homeless Youth Programs)
some LGBTQ programs were completely cut out of this pot of $.

• 10 LGBT (TIL) Transitional Independent Living Beds are being closed at Green Chimneys NY by the new fiscal year.

• Drop-In Funds for LGBTQ Drop-In up in the Bronx at BCPC, youth programs will have to be cut if alternatives aren't found.

• Drop-In Funds for Manhattan once given to MCCNY Homeless Youth Services ($400,000 in 07)
MCCNY HYS has been cut down to $0.00 in the new fiscal year (Discretionary $ TBD) Drop-In & Shelter will remain OPEN

NYC DYCD is the agency responsible for administering city funding to youth programs.

Also Note that the DYCD Administration of $38.19 Million Dollars is three times larger than the amount allocated to Direct Service Providers (DYCD is not a Direct Youth Service Provider)
Our programs are forced to cut our meager staffs in half or completely instead of DYCD cutting any of their own jobs in this economic crisis.
Talk about being thrown under the bus.

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