Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New York City Council "Oversight" Hearing 4.29.09


Today we testified in City Hall Chambers about Runaway and Homeless Youth who have been "sexually exploited", had to result to "sex for survival" when not give food shelter and services, and those who become "sex workers" due to not being given enough alternative services before they had finished developing into adults.

DYCD was invited to "panel" first and there were in attendance 5 counsel members to hear their testimony which did not even acknowledge the gap in services being provided to Runaway and Homeless Youth of New York City. It only addressed programs being funded by DYCD, where the money was spent and the great good their programs are doing. Others such as MCCNY HYS, Bronx Community Pride Center, and many more were left out as though we never existed. When done with their testimony, they left without hearing a single other testimony comprised of NYC RHY service providers(both DYCD-funded and not), and 3 amazing testimonies by brave girls willing to speak first hand about this traumatic victimization they survived through.

The politicians began existing shortly after their much needed yes votes to move forward with Proposition 1227-A were in place also missing the majority of the testimonies.

The Advocates of this population remained in the room to hear each other once again until the testimonies were done. By the end Chair Fidler and his staff was the only City Council representation left with us in the room. He has been on board with us for many years now which means we were "testifying to the converted". He is the City Council Member who started to address these major issues regarding RHY a few years ago after we as service providers were many years into providing services to this transient and under-served population. Thank-You Chair Fidler, please send him a thank-you letter for what he has done and ask that he keep Prop 1227-A moving. Ask him how you can help him see this through to becoming the legislation. This work will save so many lives of a population that has yet to be given equal, appropriate services.

DYCD and Politicians alike were warned during the first portion that the DYCD RFP was not to be discussed yet. In spite of this, DYCD had it in their testimony. We were put on the panel second to last, but he gave us our chance to testify falling on the ears of those already doing all in our power to help.

If you have questions about this venture, call us at 212-629-7440 and ask for Lucky or Frances who were both in attendance.

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  1. I found contact info for Chair Fidler at this site:

    Off to send a thank-you e-mail...