Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Kicked OUT comes out...

The national release for Kicked Out was part of the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force’s 2010 Creating Change conference. The reading was last Friday night at the conference hotel in Dallas, we sold out of books and it was incredibly well received (you can see more about it at www.kickedoutanthology.com)

NYC: Partnering with the NYC LGBT Center (gaycenter.org) Kicked Out is going to have it’s NYC release there on Friday March 19th. This event is going to include readings by NYC based contributors (if you are in NYC and I don’t know it and/or are close to the city and would like to participate in this event PLEASE let me know)

Boston: April 20 + 21st I’m being brought in by several local groups there will be release events specific for youth involved in those programs and then a city wide event. This is one of the times I’d LOVE to have recordings from folks (see previous email) OR if you are going to be in the Boston area and want to participate let me know ASAP.

NYC: April 24th we will be doing a second NYC event this time at Bluestockings the city’s radical independent bookstore- very queer, very wonderful, and a great place to support. This event just got booked late late late last week any NYC folks around I would LOVE for you to participate in this, anyone going to be in the city please let me know, and again I’d love to use recordings of other folks if you have access to technology to make that happen.

I would LOVE to see release events happen in other cities if that’s something you would be interested in organizing. The easiest places to make a release event happen are at independent queer or queer friendly bookstores. If you are interested in having an event but are nervous about contacting the bookstore please let me know, I’m happy to be a contact point for them about scheduling the event (though I will of course need lots of input from you since it will be your event), and certainly with getting books ordered through Homofactus Press etc. Let me know what you need and I will do anything I can to support you.
Some of you have already talked with me about trying to put a bigger event together partnered with a college or university with funds to bring me in and have me be part of it, that’s something I’m open to doing with any of you, so please get in contact if that’s something your interested in and we can discuss details.

p.s. all of your books were sent out so I’d imagine if you haven’t already received your copy you will be getting it any day now!

Looking forward to talking with you soon


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