Friday, December 4, 2009

Call for Continued Dedication to the Fight for Human Equality


from Metropolitan Community Churches and The Fellowship
For Immediate Release: 4 December 2009

Leaders of Two Communions

Celebrating Washington, D.C. Marriage Equality Victory

Expressing outrage about the December 2nd NO vote on Marriage Equality by the New York State Legislature, The Rev. Elder Nancy Wilson, Moderator of Metropolitan Community Churches, noted "Both Democrats and Republican are bowing to pressure from those opposed to human equality. As people of faith we believe Marriage Equality is a human rights issue, and one that dedication to the will of God demands we support."

"We are renewing our call to action," added Global Justice Team Chair, The Rev. Pat Bumgardner. "Today we are joining our voice to those of other human rights activists in calling all MCCers and our allies, as people of faith and conviction, to stand firm and not throw in the towel. We know that justice will prevail if we remain faithful to this good fight. Now is not the time to back away. Now is the time to let our legislators know that we are not giving up and that we will continue to press them to do the good and just thing."

While New York State's legislature moved to set back the march toward equality, the Council of the District of Columbia voted on Tuesday to affirm gay marriage in the District. Bishop Yvette Flunder of the Fellowship offered thanks to God for the courageous leaders in the District, and said, "This vote confirms what we knew to be true --- that the radically inclusive love of Jesus Christ knows no boundaries!"

The DC decision is subject to a second round of votes, and the possiblity of intervention by the Congress of the United States. Bishop Flunder and Elder Wilson together urged that people of faith recommit themselves to prayer and action in this interim period. "Perhaps establishing Marriage Equality in our nation's capital will be encouragement enough for states and communities around our nation to embrace this movement for justice universally," commented The Rev. Jim Merritt, Marriage Equality Coordinator for The Global Justice Team of MCC.

Elder Wilson concluded, "Although sobered by the setback, we know that in the end God's will for justice and equality will prevail and we will win."

For those interested in more information on how people of faith can help win the battle for Marriage Equality, contact: The Rev. Jim Merritt, Marriage Equality Coordinator for Metropolitan Community Churches at

This statement prepared in conjuction with The Global Justice Team of Metropolitan Community Churches,

The Rev. Pat Bumgardner, Chair.

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