Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Trevor Project

Trevor Project Needs Help

The Trevor Project, is the only national 24/7 suicide and prevention help line for LGBTQ youth and it needs our help as LGBTQ leaders. Simply stated: it needs contributions. If I may be so bold to know despite all of the current ongoing DOMA battles, despite all of the daily excitement and frustration and debate and celebration, we also must see the collateral damage, the wounds that these great strides can inflict. And in doing so, in acknowledging the young people in this country who feel the hateful burden of these triumphant strides, we prepare the next generation of LGBTQ citizens to achieve and sustain what we all so desperately want, and what we all so genuinely deserve: equality and justice for all.

When a kid from Iowa calls Trevor's helpline because his father just cursed the state government for allowing same-sex marriage, and when the helpline counselor talks and listens and gets him to put down the handful of pills he wanted to take that night. When that one life is saved, we may have just re-written the life story of the first gay president, or of a doctor who will work to ease the difficulties of gender transition, or of a diplomat who will one day represent the United States proudly as the leader in LGBT human rights worldwide, or of a teacher who will stop the bullying in his classroom and pass on the hope Trevor gave him.

When we answer the phone for a girl who is the only openly bi-sexual student in her high school, and the only member of the gay-straight alliance she founded despite her principal’s resistance, and her parent’s protest, and we acknowledge and affirm her bravery, we know we have inspired not just one agent of change, but a generation.

In perceived isolation, many young people grow up today with no reason to think that the horrible things they hear about LGBTQ people aren’t true. The Trevor Project anticipates this. They are poised, and they are growing, and their influence is expanding.

To everyone who calls, we offer comfort at a distance. It’s knowing that in their darkest moment, they have an outlet. They have someone who gets it. But no matter what advice they offer or resources they provide, the most important line they utter to each and every caller is: “you can call us back any time 24/7. We’re always here”

PLEASE ask someone, a client, a friend, a parent, a spouse, yourself to support Trevor today at their website

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